Managing Magaluf #2 – How do you solve a problem like Mari-erm, Magaluf?

Pre-season in Spain. 30 plus degree heat, a time to try out new tactics, a time to spend getting to know your new team on the training field in paradise, topping up that tan and ultimately should be a happy, positive time. Or not. Pre-season went horrifically.


I say horrifically, it started as expected. A new team, new players, no cohesion and as expected time was, and still is needed for the team to bed together and figure things out. 0-1, 0-4, 1-2, 0-1 and 1-5 is not the greatest of starts, a lack of chances, a lack of defensive stability and an all around dismal set of friendlies underlined what I already knew. There was serious work to do. Having a mini keeper crisis did not help matters either, and by crisis I mean both goalkeepers who were both pants were injured for 4 weeks within days of each other. Convenient. A goalkeeping night on the piss more like!

I will say this, signing players for a newly formed, skint, semi-professional club in Spain was, to put it lightly, a nightmare. Players wanted more money than I could pay, available players cost way and above what I could afford and the overall talent pool at my disposal was not very deep at all. Loan signings were going to be key however parent clubs were playing hard ball and would not send me anyone due to wanting their prized assets to play with ‘higher quality’ players. Not good. My team was already pretty poor, I couldn’t sign any loanees because my side was poor, I was stuck in a viscous circle – or so I thought. One loanee changed everything. One signing opened the gates. That player? Moi. Barcelona’s Moi.


Now from the outset you might think he doesn’t look anything special but his impact had far greater impact than simply what his attributes show. Barcelona quite clearly do not play by the usual rules, they don’t adhere to the majority, they were more than happy to let me have Moi and as a result the talent pool available to me increased tenfold. Brilliant stuff. As you can see below I’d signed 8 players on loan and 7 on a free transfer, just about keeping everything under the wage budget. Crackin’ job if I do say so myself.


Now it’d take me until the New Year to go through every player signed in detail but I will show you the two best players in my opinion who’ll really make a difference. As time goes by I will show you more and more of these players and hopefully some of them can become mainstays at the club.

Juan Arcas (loanee from Getafe) & Diego Barrios (Free Transfer)


So there we have it. Signings were sorted. Tactics…not quite. The rest? Well we’ll wing that and so we did, right into the first competitive game of the club’s entire history! The club we’d be facing? R. Jean. Yeah…me either. It resulted in not quite the greatest game of football ever played but ultimately ended 0-0 providing us with our FIRST EVER POINT and a platform to build our future tactics upon. Brilliant! Sure they had 18 shots to our 5, sure they had 8 on target and we had 3, the main thing was we gained a point and were now officially on our way to that illustrious 40 point mark which I’ve earmarked for safety.





So there we have it. Game one; check. Signings; check. Now all we need to do is survive relegation. Easy right?

Check back next time where I’ll have played several games into the season, gotten to know my team a little better and will have hopefully progressed from 0-0 scrappy wins to victorious overlord mwahahah-… or something.


Managing Magaluf #1 – It Begins.

Life at F.C. Magaluf looks to be a challenge, to say the least. Of the 20 or so players that have been generated by the FM Gods (side note: I didn’t create/sign any of these beforehand) perhaps 5 or 6 of them are capable of competing against the lesser sides in the division. While the Second Division B4 is uncharted territory for myself – in fact Spain as a nation has always been a bit of an Achilles heel, having had a cheeky peek at some of the other team’s lineups in the division it appears while there are a couple of runaway favourites, the bottom half in particular looks set to be very competitive. At 1000-1 however the bookies see no hope for F.C. Magaluf remotely avoiding the relegation playoff and see no chance of us staking a claim for anything other than a nightmarish season.


So without further ado, let’s jump in and take a good look at the players looking set to make history with F.C. Magaluf and barring something drastic appear to be automatic selections for the first game of the season. While more will be revealed about these players as the save progresses I’m sure, I will provide you with a brief summary of each player and where they will be playing.

  1. Fernando Riera – 18, Central Midfielder. My key player and hottest prospect. I have a lot of excitement about this player’s future and would not be surprised to see him attract the eyes of bigger clubs. Fantastic physicals that will almost certainly improve, the determination and work rate to help him progress and decision making which will hopefully set the team up well in the middle of the park.

2. Marco Perez – 27, Defensive Midfielder/Central Midfielder. A bit of a beast and someone I am blessed to have been generated for me. While he isn’t as young as some of the other players he’s in his prime and is absolute captain material. While his tackling and passing could be better I feel his other attributes (natural fitness anyone?) will more than make up for those shortcomings.

3. Oscar Perales – 25, Left Full Back. Very accomplished full back. Has the tackling ability, work rate and natural fitness needed to parade up and down that left wing. High hopes.

4. Jaume Coll, – 18, Right Full Back. Similar to Perales but younger and could become a terrific player indeed. While technically he could improve in all areas, he is more than capable of starting in this team and that consistent game time, while managed effectively, should see him improve massively before he hits his 20s.

5. Marcos Perez – 29, Defender Central (Left). Well this could get confusing, two players with the same name and in very similar areas of the pitch, I think a nickname is needed ASAP (answers on a postcard). Great mentals, decent physicals and although tackling could be better he’s our best central defender by far.

6. Nando Ramis, 28, Striker. The, ahem, only player capable of playing up front and scoring goals from this lowly bunch. Finish of 15 is a great attribute to have and with presumably not many chances going to come out way hopefully this guy can finish whatever comes his way. With decent pace he could hurt some of the lesser sides but there’s not much to shout out about elsewhere.

Here’s a look at the Team Report for a little more information regarding the team as a whole right now. As you can see we have a hard working aggressive side with strong characters and leaders. Conversely we are severely lacking in the goalkeeper department and squad depth in general. These will be my primary focus before the season begins.


So there we have it! I think we have a good balance of highly talented prospects and players in their prime capable of holding the team together. Below you will find a tactic screen whereby the previously mentioned players are displayed. Prats and Luis are two, ahem, okay wingers but I shall be looking to explore the transfer market as soon as physically possible.


Next Time: Managing Magaluf #2 shall consist of a transfer update and a detailed overview of pre-season. Hoping above all, that gaps in the team are filled, tactical familiarity has improved and general aspects of a newly formed club such as staff setup are coming together nicely.

Is Magaluf redy 4 da LADS?

fc-magaluf-intro-bannerSo here we are – bags packed, money converted and flip flops at the ready! This is no ordinary holiday however, Magaluf was not ready for this, Magaluf F.C. has written its autobiography’s opening line on a historic day with the arrival of The Whole FM Show at the F.C., based in the island of Mallorca – infamous for it’s raucous nightlife lending to it’s alter ego ‘Shagaluf’ is a football club founded by local investors with the aim of ultimately stepping out of the shadow of the teen party destination it has amassed for itself and to garner a history to proud of.clubBeginning in the lowly depths of the Spanish Second Division B4 in the 2500 seater Municipal de la Magaluf, the club and players have a long way to go before standing upon the turf of the Camp Nou, Santiago Bernabéu and Vicente Calderón rubbing shoulders with idols of the game. Little Magaluf, with their history bare, finances little and facilities average, barely capable of fielding a starting eleven provide The Whole FM Show with a challenge the likes he has never faced before. With a very minimal reputation, a National B Licence and funding an English Conference side would raise an eyebrow at, time will tell if this fledgling British manager can go on and make a name for himself with this challenging but ultimately very exciting project.starting-attributesForget the island of Magaluf, the question should be; Is The Whole FM Show ready for the Lads? Time will surely tell.